Dec. 29th, 2012

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I marathoned the first season of Teen Wolf yesterday.

Adam: you can't force yourself into a new fandom, Tina.
Me: watch me!
Adam: you're rebounding!

Anyway, I forced him to watch it with me, and got him to play "Pick the slash pairing that has taken over the Internet"

Adam: I don't know how you people think! It's just bizarre.
Me: Go on. Indulge me! I don't really quite get this one either.
Adam: Stiles and the scowly werewolf dude.
Me: What.

See, the way I see it, *really* popular slash pairings come in three flavours. Best Friends, Mortal Enemies, and We're The Two Most Attractive Males In This Club.
Derek/Stiles don't fit the first two, and as cute as Dylan O'brien is, he's no Colton Haynes.
So I was a bit puzzled over the popularity of the pairing (not that I'm not on board) and was amazed at Adam's guess.

Me: explain.
Adam: well, it had to be a werewolf/human pairing, otherwise *boring*, Stiles is the only human, and um, Hello Derek?
Me: you should have seen him before he was legal. Cutest thing ever. Anyway, I guess that makes sense.
Adam: your show still sucks though. How come you won't watch actual quality programming with me, but you'll watch this crap?
Me: does your show come with copious fanfic?
Adam: hmmph.

Anyway, I'm on board with the Derek/Stiles but there are so many other wonderful pairing potentials that I'm still boggled by the sheer ubiquitousness of that pairing. Was there a Sterek epic fanfic that converted everyone? Like the Harry/Draco ship?

Maybe Season 2 will answer my question.


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