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Birthdate:Jul 23
Location:Melbourne, VIC, Australia
about me.

Hi I used to be quite active on LiveJournal and then that died and I moved to Tumblr and had multiple babies and I am just emerging from that quagmire now that my kids are entering school. Let's be friends. I'm much more active on Twitter where you can find me @tinadearing

ANIME: Death Note | Eyeshield 21 | Free! | Haikyuu!! | Ouran High Host Club | Prince of Tennis | Yuri on Ice!

TELEVISION: Avatar: The Last Airbender | Brooklyn 99 | Community | Elementary | Merlin | | Riverdale | Teen Wolf | The X-Files

MUSIC: The Arcade Fire | Backstreet Boys | Bloc Party | Coldplay | Darren Hayes | Hamilton | Interpol | The Killers | Lady Gaga | The Libertines | Little Mix | One Direction | Placebo | Savage Garden | The Strokes | Years & Years

BOOKS: Aubrey/Maturin | At Swim, Two Boys | The Captive Prince | Harry Potter | The Lord of the Rings | Oscar Wilde | The Dark Tower | The Raven Cycle | Six of Crows | The Vampire Chronicles

MOVIES: Bladerunner | High School Musical | LotR | Master and Commander | Mulan | Moana | Pacific Rim | Star Trek | Star Wars | X-men

SAILING : Aubrey/Maturin | Harry/Draco | Harry/Eggsy | Hinata/Tageyama | Inui/Kaidoh | Merlin/Arthur | Momo/Kaidoh | Mulder/Krycek | Remus/Sirius | Sherlock/John | Stiles/Derek | Tsukishima/Yamaguchi

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