Dec. 9th, 2012

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I gotta get better at replying to comments. :\

My car broke down the day we had to go home from the hospital with Tobias. Great timing, car. It would cost more than it was worth to fix, so my father threw his hands up in the air and bought us a brand new 2012 Honda Accord.


Like, he just rang me when I got home from the hospital and went 'you like white, or this greyish brown colour they call Urban?'

My mother was not too pleased, but it's pretty much the story of my life where my dad buys me things and my mother goes 'SHE DOESN'T DESERVE IT'. Not that my mother doesn't think I needed a new car, she'd been trying to give me money for years to buy a decent car to cart her grandkids around in. She just didn't think I needed a car *that* new. I still feel terrible about it though, because you know, I'm 30 years old and should be able to buy my own cars. And my mum did give me the 'AT YOUR AGE YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING AFTER US, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND' lecture, and I'm terrified of scratching it or getting it dirty.

But dammit, it's a great car. It really is. The fuel economy is great, there's room for everything, and a USB port for like, charging my phone/listening to my ipod. There's airbags everywhere, and all these buttons on the steering wheel and drives like a dream.

I got the white one here: I figured I wouldn't get sick of white - it's a metallic, pearlescent sort of white, and it's safe, since I drive down lots of badly lit country roads.

In other news, I have a Merlin Rec:

Watch it All Melt Away by Anon for [ profile] merlin_holidays
Oh god, I loved this fic. Merlin and Arthur are a new couple but they're not yet used to being able to just touch each other whenever they want, and oh god, the pining, and the flashbacks and they're in a cabin in the snow for goddsakes, it's sensual and beautiful and realistic and you should give it a go.


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