Jul. 25th, 2012


Jul. 25th, 2012 09:12 am
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My BIL is getting divorced and while he and Adam were at the lawyers, they overheard one of the lawyers describing a case that she had.

Apparently she was working on a marriage annulment for a 20-something Greek Orthodox couple.

Reason for annulment?

Well, on their wedding night, said couple were getting ready for bed in their honeymoon suite and the bride was a little nervous but getting all gussied up for her 'big night' as she was to lose her virginity.

The groom's mother was in the room next door, which the bride thought was a bit odd, but whatever, she had bigger things to worry about.

While she was getting ready, the groom said he had to pop next door to say goodnight to his mum and that he'd be right back.

He was gone for a while, and the nervous bride had moved from anxious to kinda angry now, so she just marched next door and barged into catch her husband..

.. okay guess.

What would her husband be doing that would cause you to ask for an instant annulment?

.. he was breastfeeding.

O_o I guess he never weaned off his bedtime feed.

See, I thought I was quite open minded about the whole extended breastfeeding thing, BUT THAT IS GOING TOO FAR. WHAT THE FREAKING HELL.

Probably a good argument for moving in together before marriage too, I suppose.


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