May. 14th, 2012

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- I have my 12 week ultrasound today. I hope everything's okay! I feel like I've been pregnant foreeeever.

- Mother's Day has brought out the phrase 'FTM pregnancy' all over my LJ friends list and it's taken me forever to parse that as 'First Time Mum pregnancy' and not 'Female-to-Male pregnancy'. I keep clicking on the link expecting to read interesting discussion about trans men pregnancies!

- I had a lovely Mother's Day - I got to sleep in til midday, Liam bought me some sheepskin slippers (which he will undoubtedly steal), Adam made me the most bestest perfectest banana pancakes ever, then the foetus made me throw them all up. We had a roast dinner at my in laws.

- One of the foster girls seems to have sensory issues and she's been putting her hand (and lots of other things) down her pants recently (ok for a while), which at 6 years old, was bothering my MIL a bit. Her OT has given her a little heart shaped furry vibrating pillow so she can get all her happies in her room, but that seems to *really* bother my MIL, even though she's trying to go along with it. It bothers my SIL as well, whom my MIL listens to a lot. I tried to explain that she's probably going to do it anyway, that it's normal, that it feels good, so it's good that she's got something to help her in privacy, but I think they can't get past that it's 'sexual' and she's 6. They're fine with the fact that Liam fiddles with his penis anytime he can though, so I don't know what the issue *actually* is.

- I got really angry at that stupid TIME magazine cover with the woman breastfeeding that little boy in that ridiculous position. I hate parenting wars to start with, I hate it when parents are made to feel guilty about their choices by other parents. But what *REALLY* bugged me is that suddenly on Twitter, people who *aren't* parents, and people who will *never* be mothers, were all 'OMG EXTENDED BREASTFEEDING IS SO GROSS AND DISGUSTING AND PEOPLE WHO DO IT ARE WHACK'. STUPID exploitative misleading cover.

- I watched The Avengers (I had to download a cam version :() I liked it, and Jeremy Renner needs to come visit me. I didn't have any ~feels~ though, so I might have to start dropping quite a few Avengers mad people from my Tumblr whom I'm not close with.


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