Mar. 16th, 2012

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1. The new round of kinkspiration is up. Reminds me of that time I went to the local Best & Less to buy Adam some underwear and found this:

Did you know that Bonds had a kink range? Lol. I had to surreptitiously take that photo so I didn't have to explain myself to my SIL.

2. Has Community aired yet?

3. Sherlock Rec! A Cure For Boredom by [ profile] emmagrant01 So I'm sure everyone and their grandma has been reading this, but just in case you haven't, it's a WIP that I think works better coming out chapter by chapter as it is. Emma is committed to releasing a new chapter every Wednesday and the last chapter is next Wed, which gives you time to read this story slowly before then! Basically it involves John and Sherlock and sexual experimentation (mostly on John's behalf) and every chapter is a different day/experiment. There is so much charactisation and feeeeelings and growth that come with every chapter that I really think it's worth going on the journey with John and taking it a chapter at a time. I don't like stories with lots of sex but this is the sexiest story I have ever read. It's made me laugh, it's made me cry, it's made me gasp in suspense, become angry and frustrated. The UST is palpable, the pining is gut wrenching. Did I mention the sex was hot? It's a perfect marriage of plot with sex. GO READ IT. PUHLEASE.

4. I watched Parked. It was nice. I give it 3 stars because it was.. nice. Like, I feel it never really showed how sad and low Fred was before Cathal, regardless of his quiet dignity. It just didn't get.. dirty. It definitely wasn't 'hilariously funny' like the review on the DVD cover. Like, I felt like the characters were drifting along like in Lost in Translation when they really shouldn't have been. So the ending didn't pack a punch with me because I wasn't really invested. Colin Morgan is very pretty however.


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