Jan. 31st, 2012

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I'm struggling with this whole bilingual thing with Liam. Adam isn't being very helpful because he doesn't want me to teach Liam any Vietnamese that he doesn't know, but Liam obviously is going to learn at a faster rate than Adam! I've thought about sitting down and just teaching Adam, school style, but I'm no good at it :(

It's also hard because everyone we come across speaks English, *except* for my parents, who we only see on weekends. So I want him to be able to understand what his aunts etc are saying, especially what they're saying to their kids, who are Liam's playmates.

So I can teach Liam a whole manner of things during the day, you know, cute things like 'where's your belly?' but I feel like I have to teach it to him him English too, so we can show it off to people. So I'm actually just saying everything to him twice, in both languages and I'm sure it's confusing the crap out of him.

I often get asked why he doesn't speak at all, but I'm sure it's just his brain still working out all these languages!

Also: I'm having an issue with biting. He only bites *me*, and it's a sign of affection. He comes up and hugs me, then gives me sloppy open mouth kisses somewhere, and after a while, he'll be all 'CHOMP!' I don't know how to get him to stop. I yell 'OUCH!' then put him down straightaway, but he gets so upset, and I think he's confused as to what I'm upset at.

Especially because I often pick him up and nom him (without teeth) on his face/belly etc, he obviously wants to do that back to me but doesn't realise he can't use teeth. It really hurts. He's got 8 big teeth now. I bruise for days!

Maybe he'll just grow out of it. He also went through a 'I'm gonna make out with my mummy' phase where he kept actually trying to make out with me. I didn't like that, so he used to drag Adam towards me by the ear and hold our heads together with a 'NOW KISS!' Haha someone has to kiss me, apparently.


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