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O people more world-wise than I! (i.e, all of you, which is sad for me at the age of nearly 30) Please talk to me about the good and bad things about only having one bank account between yourself and your partner.

Currently Adam and I have separate accounts, at different banks, simply because, well when we got married, that's what we had. We share all of our money. (which is good, because I don't earn any except for my government benefits) Pretty much a couple of months after we started sleeping together Adam handed over his bank card to me and said 'here.' (That should have alerted me to the fact that he thought we were more than FWB hey)

So at the moment, I take some cash out of Adam's account and give that to him, and then take his card and use it. (He obviously takes cash out whenever he wants, it's just easier for me to do it) We both have access to each other's Internet banking though he never looks at mine.

*SO*, it seems to me that it would make tons of sense for me to close my account, get the government to put our welfare payments into his account, put my name on his account, and get two cards! Less bank fees etc etc.

For some reason, Adam's not that keen on the idea - he thinks that it's good that some of the money ends up in my account so he can't touch it. He thinks it's putting all our eggs in the one basket or something.

Anecdotes? Anyone?
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