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Going to talk about my family for a bit, so it'll need a bit of setting up.

These are my sisters in law, at Bill and Cheryl's wedding last new year's.

Left to right:
Chloe, married to Adam's eldest brother, Edward, complete and utter darling, son James 12 months old.
Amy, Adam's younger sister, is capable of being a bitch, but she is really nice to me, married to Fraser, daughter Tilly 2 years, son Hamish 4 months.
Cheryl, married to Adam's youngest brother, Bill, racist grump.
Me (married to Adam), son Liam 8 months.

Other people in the story: Kristy and Ben, married, lives next door to Chloe and Edward, Ben is Edward's best friend, Kristy is Cheryl's best friend. (daughter Taylah 3 years, twin daughters Matilda and Ivy, 11 months)

So there are 4 brothers and sisters in Adam's family, (Edward, Adam, Amy and Bill) and they're really tightknit. I see them all multiple times a week and we all live within 5 minutes of each other. It's lovely. The odd one out has always been Cheryl. She is an absolute grump (though has millions of friends). She's been with Bill for a long time and moved into Bill's house years and years ago. (never paid for anything though)

She is really good friends with Adam's ex girlfriend, so I always tried to give her the benefit of the doubt as Adam's ex is really lovely. She's also seemed to really fit with Bill, so you know, whatever. I always thought she disliked me because I married Adam, when she had been friends with the ex.

Turns out she probably disliked all of us because we all got married in quick succession while she was waiting and waiting and she'd been with Bill (much) longer than any of us had been with our partners.

She also probably disliked me because she is a racist jerkwad. The 'Asians should go back home to their own country and stop stealing our jobs' type racist. The 'Gooks are holidaying on my beach and wrecking it' type racist. Stupid bitch used to make Facebook statuses like that all the time AS IF I WASN'T READING THEM. I removed her from my feed. Bill's been good at telling her off for not coming to my baby shower, and she wasn't going to attend my wedding but Bill gave her a 'come or you're dumped' ultimatum.

Anyway, Bill finally married her December 30 last year and it was lovely. She came to Christmas lunch for the first time (she has Daddy abandonment issues and Christmas is a sad time for her) and things were looking up. She was smiley and talked to us! Not just her friends! IT WAS GOING TO BE OKAY! Since we were all popping out kids they were going to try for a honeymoon baby (she's really... competitive.). My In Laws were happy - my MIL didn't think anyone would marry Bill, he's a bit silly sometimes - and she was looking forward to getting closer to Cheryl and having more grandkids. Adam's extended family is very big and marriage is a Big Deal. Living de facto is not frowned upon, but married people tend to stay married. I never thought Cheryl saw it that way at all, but she seemed really devoted to Bill, (they genuinely did seem good together) and you know what, None of My Business.

Fast forward 6 months and I have barely seen Bill and Cheryl. They don't come to Friday night family dinners anymore. Cheryl is still not pregnant and apparently she's grumpy because of it and doesn't want to see us. I get that. (Though, if she was serious about it, she probably should stop with the binge drinking).

Cheryl inherited about $180,000 from her grandma who passed. And then everything went to shit. Bill and Cheryl were fighting - Bill wanted to pay off the mortgage, Cheryl wanted to invest it (after spending a whole heap of it). Bill thinks that Cheryl doesn't want to share it (he's not wrong - drunken Cheryl has stated that she was going to save it for safekeeping in case Something Goes Wrong) then Bill started to think Cheryl was cheating on him and started following her around this past week.

Well, Cheryl just left him today.

6 months into a marriage and it's over. Money is really shit sometimes.

I can't pretend I'm not secretly pleased, but I'm also heartbroken for Bill. Breakups are shit, I don't even know what this would feel like. At least he's young - Bill's 25/26?

Adam's gone to hang out with Bill but he says all the guys are not talking about it at all - just pretending that things are normal. Bill's obviously accepted it though - he's checked in on Facebook at Bill and Craig's (his dog) Pad, when it used to be Bill and Cheryl and Arnie and Craig and Sheila's Awesome House.

It's a bit awkward because Cheryl would have told Kristy who told Ben, who told Adam. And Ben will always be Adam and Edward and Bill's friend and Cheryl will always be Kristy's. What now?

Guess we'll just have to wait and see it pan out. I don't imagine it will be a temporary separation - I can't imagine anyone letting Bill do that. I'm glad Cheryl doesn't have to be Liam's aunt anymore.

Hopefully Bill will find someone nice. Edward almost married a crazy bitch but crazy bitch couldn't have kids so they broke up (and she tried to screw up Edward's mortgage in the breakup) and he found Chloe straightaway and that has been nothing but the bestest thing ever.

Props if you read that.

Eta: was just thinking that I only heard about the fighting last week through grapevine gossip. Would have totally come out of the blue otherwise. Adam edward bill and Ben played on a basketball team with aaron tonight. Cheryl is supposed to be staying at aaron's and his girlfriend's. Super awkward. Why so incestuous, life?

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