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Tried Liam on pumpkin today as well. He loved that as well, so maybe he's just not into rice cereal. Can't really blame him. I'm only giving him a tablespoon of food at most and I'm happy with that for now. I think that I'm just going to leave my MIL with a little bit of solid food on Fridays and that will tide Liam over until I get home from uni.

I have added a really great teriyaki hokkein noodle stirfry to my meals repertoire. It's healthy and super quick to make. Maybe I'll post it to [livejournal.com profile] crisis_cooking. I always have the ingredients on hand. I was in the middle of making it when my MIL invited us to dinner, so I just put it in the fridge and went over (FREE MEAL YEAH) and she had made a lovely curry chicken and scalloped potatoes. Win!

Foster girl C greeted me at the door as per normal: "Hello Tina, what's your name?" I don't think she gets it. :)

People are telling me Jackie Chan has died but I think it's a hoax.

Check out my little dude's fat rolls.

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He ate about an inch of banana at lightning speed. He smiled throughout! Hopefully it won't constipate him.

Had our 4 month checkup today. He's 7.5kg but just on average height.

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I tried Liam on solids today. I was pretty sure he wasn't ready, but I really wanted to see what he would do. I made up some rice cereal for him. I wanted to feed him some banana but the Queensland floods wiped out most of the bananas in Australia :(

He scrunched up his face and was all 'wtf are you putting in my mouth, woman!' but he didn't push the food back out. He wasn't really eager for more, and when I put the spoon to his mouth he didn't just push it around with his tongue the way he does with a bottle of formula. I tried a packaged rice cereal with Pear and Banana too and he seemed to like that better. So I'm probably going to try banana tomorrow (I bought one today at $12 a kilo) and if it's the same, then I'll just wait a couple of weeks.

photos of the poor kid. it was kind of hilarious )

pics meme

Mar. 8th, 2011 08:34 pm
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Here are the photos some of you requested for the pics meme :)

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And that is it for photospamming for today. Sorry if I clogged up your flist.

I will post photos from the pic meme tomorrow.
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I don't think he'd seen grass before. He was fascinated.
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We're hanging out watching the superbowl!

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I put the wrong link in the previous post. Here's an entire album of photos of Liam!



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