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Liam just fell asleep now. I don't know how to move his bedtime earlier, but I have to, it's driving us all mental.

Was looking at staying at home all day today because I spend so much money when I go out, but it was likely to drive me crazy. I didn't know my phone wasn't working until Adam facebooked me to say 'what's wrong with your phone?'. A quick reset and my phone was flooded with messages with 'want to meet for lunch?' but it was too late by then :(

So I Liam to Target today, they were having a 30% sale off clothes and I picked up a few cheap tops. I don't own any tops that aren't band t-shirts. My entire wardrobe consists of high-necked dresses and I simply cannot breastfeed in them. At least with a top/jeans, I can just lift up my top. Bought him some bibs (banana stains so much!) and a couple of books. I read so many books to him every day, that even though he has quite a collection and I re-read the books over and over again, I am *so* sick of it! Ended up spending $70.

I was so hungry today that I had cooked dinner by 4 and Adam and I had a full meal by 4:30. Yeah, we're both secretly 80 years old. It left a strange amount of time in the evening though.

We started watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tonight - I had seen it at the cinemas, but Adam wasn't keen. He hasn't read the books and damn sometimes things don't make sense if you haven't read the books! Plus none of the quirky details are there, and none of the story details that make it all so great. Just saying 'you know, Bathilda Bagshot.. she wrote A History Of Magic' and Adam was like 'what book? so?' Bill and Fleur were getting married and Adam was all 'oh, is there another Weasley'. Such a pity he won't read the books. He hates children's movies and TV. Even Pixar!

Has the definition of friendship changed for anyone else who has watched Community? Like, you can no longer call anyone your best friend because you don't have what Troy and Abed have?

Liam's crying. I don't know why :(

eta: he woke up wailing like someone stabbed him. He woke up every hour last night, but I think it's because I finally just brought him into bed with me. He tends to wake up more then, but I don't know whether that's just cos I bring him in on bad nights, or because he's in bed with me.
I didn't pick him up - I just patted him and rocked him in the cot and shooshed him until he wailed himself to sleep. It frickin sucked. 20 minutes worth of wailing. My only other option was to nurse him, but I over-feed the guy, trying to get him to go to bed each night. I also turned on his Soothe and Glow Seahorse. It's not really worked in the past, but maybe I can get an association going, I DON'T KNOW. I have uni tomorrow and I'm already exhausted.
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Having a bad day today. Liam didn't go to sleep last night until 11, so he didn't wake up this morning until 11, which put our whole day out of whack.

We had mother's group today and all the mum's had bad days with their kids! Liam just won't nap even though he is absolutely exhausted. He's been crying/wailing all day and I don't know. He's not teething or anything.

I finally nursed him off to sleep at about 4pm and put him in his cot but he woke up wailing 5 minutes later. I tried to pat him / console him instead of picking him up but it just got worse. I *know* this is what they're going to want me to do at sleep school but I don't think I want to. Thing is, I need *something*. He is obviously tired but refuses to sleep, or to sleep more than 10 minutes. Even in my arms he won't go for longer than 20. Anyway, I am going to go to the sleep school as I've been on the waiting list for months now, and if it sucks then I'm just going to go home.

I lay down and nursed him to sleep at about 6, and we slept together for about an hour, but he kept waking up and wailing, so I stuck my boob back in his mouth each time. I don't know, it was like he was having nightmares. He was even breathing all erratically while he was sleeping.

So he woke up at about 7:30pm, which will put his night time schedule all out of whack again. I'll have to wake him up early tomorrow and just deal with a shit day.

Adam and I had the 'when are we going to have the next baby' talk because we have to work out our finances, whether we move house etc. The answer is 'sooner rather than later'. My period hasn't come back yet, and who knows when that will happen, so I'm just going to go off the pill and wing it.

Liam did have a good old smiley chat with one of the little girls at mother's group - then saw her holding hands with another boy later on! What a floozy. :p

I dressed Liam up in a shirt and corduroy pants today.

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LOOK. It's Liam! IN HIS OWN BED. I know it looks like a doll or that I've killed him, but I had to sneak in and take the photo with the flash. Liam's been sick or I've been sick a lot these past 10 or so weeks so he's been sleeping in our bed in between Adam and I. He had to sleep elevated because of reflux problems, so he was raised above us both and Adam used to call him The Bed Emperor. He took up so much room!

I had the cutest cradle for him next to our bed too, but he's grown out of that.

So last night we started putting him in his own room. Stressed me out like crazy because he still has a stuffy nose but our rooms are so close together I can hear him breathing from my own bed.

Hopefully this sticks. Adam and I got to stretch out on our bed last night and have sex! It was amazing. He's not sleeping for as long as he would if I was next to him, but that's to be expected.

He's only 11 weeks tomorrow, but you see that chest of drawers? I've had to empty two whole drawers of clothes he's grown out of already. I hope we have a boy next, just so I can use those clothes again! Some of them weren't even worn.


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