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1. Liam rolled over! From his tummy to his back! We thought it was a fluke since he hasn't even looked close to rolling anywhere, so we put him on his tummy again and he did it again! And again! Adam looked so pleased his cheeks started to hurt from smiling so much.

I think this is our first real concrete milestone. All the others eg, eyes focusing, smiling etc are sort of subjective and fleeting.

He's also discovering that his hands actually do stuff. He stares so hard at them - like someone in occupational therapy, willing his hands to do what he wants.

(in not so great news, I can't seem to get Liam to sleep in his cot for longer than 10 minutes today - I put him down 6 times in an hour and 15 minutes today.. this transferring to cot thing is hard. But enough of that)

2. We took Liam supermarket shopping for the first time and had him in the little red seat with the harness system that comes with the trolley. He dug it. I HAVE FOOD IN MY HOUSE NOW. REAL FOOD. An old lady came up and commented on how adorable he was, but then put out her finger for him to grab, which he did. She meant well and was so sweet and I couldn't bring myself to say 'OMG DON'T TOUCH MY BABY' but her hands were so gross... her nails were almost falling off and they were grubby. I hawkeyed Liam after that in case he put his hands anywhere near his mouth and washed them as soon as we got home. Next time I will definitely be more assertive.

3. We watched the first episode of Community last night and it was great! I thought Britta was actually the girl that plays Kandi on Two and a Half Men, but apparently only I thought they looked anything alike :( Adam thinks I'm biased and maybe I am, but I really do like shows that have more multicultural characters on them. I read that Annie was supposed to be cast as 'ethnic' but they couldn't find anyone and Alison Brie was fantastic anyway, not taking anything away from Alison, but it's sad that they couldn't find anyone. I'm sure there are *tons* of non-white actors vying for very few roles.

4. I wish Adam wasn't allergic to cats, because this is friggin cute.

Speaking of cats, my friend found that his ex girlfriend put a video of him cuddling their cat up on YouTube. That's all it is, friend, cuddling cat. It's got 300,000+ views. How bizarre. It's here if you're curious.
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1. I went to Mother's Group today. I discovered everyone there is of walking distance from my house! Hopefully we can all be friends because it would be nice just to be able to pop over after the formal meetings are over. Most of the women there have grown up in this area though, and we really don't have much in common, but everyone seems very nice, so fingers crossed!

Seems unwanted advice from strangers comes in RL too. One of the women there was bottle feeding her son in public and a girl walked past and told her 'BREAST IS BEST'. WTF. Like yes, we actively choose what's not best for our children! FFS. Having said that, I'm quite happy I've been able to breastfeed for this long after wanting to give it up so often.

2. I have been addicted to the Entanglement game that's linked in my Google Chrome browser. http://entanglement.gopherwoodstudios.com/ it's easy to play using one hand while breastfeeding :) My highest score so far is only 167 though.

3. A person came up on the 'people you may know' column of my Facebook. We don't have any mutual friends but I recognised her profile picture of her kid because she's my best friend's cousin. (Yes, creepy, but the kid is so cute and my best frend keeps sending me photos) My best friend isn't on Facebook so I don't know how she came up! I'm glad she did, as I really like her but she's moved to Canberra.

This girl is a clean freak and not into rock music at all, but one time we were desperate for someone to use up our spare ticket to Placebo so we dragged her along, lined up at 10am, so we could be at the front of the mosh pit. She had other people's sweat all over her, was crushed and exhausted and she hated the music and she hasn't quite forgiven us :)

That's pretty much it. Today has been pretty shit in all other areas, except that Adam's picked up on it and has given me glomp hugs every time he sees me.
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If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I haven't been very happy today. I thought I'd found a way that would help Liam sleep but it wasn't very safe and was looking for safer options. I asked P101 and got a few helpful comments but I also got a few people telling me what I was doing was actually very dangerous. So I've stopped.
What upset me was the very last commenter after the whole thing was over has insinuated that I would be upset when I go to jail after I kill my baby so to stop yanking people's chains.


You don't say things like that about people's babies.

Anyway. Happy things!

1. We went to my Sister In Law's impromptu baby shower today as it's her 2nd child. It was nice to get out of the house and eat lovely morning tea. Sandwiches, cupcakes, biscuits, profiteroles, fruit kebabs oh my!

Liam looked really cute in his new hoodie.

2. Dangerous sleeping habits aside, Liam's been sleeping much better today. He took a nap in the morning with me in bed, and has slept in his cot a couple of times. Normally he will wake up after 15 min of being in the cot.

3. Good Game is back on TV! I missed the show so much.

4. Adam is having a day off tomorrow!

5. I've started to organise Adam's 30th birthday. It might actually not be last minute for a change. He deserves a good birthday, I still owe him 2 years worth of presents.

6. I <3 my Twitter friends a lot. I'm excited to go see a lot of them on Monday for Valentine's Day. Adam doesn't do Valentine's, and he offered to look after Liam so I can go see my friends.

That's it for now!
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I've been really down lately, so I'm going to try and find 5 minutes in my day to write about what makes me happy that day just like [livejournal.com profile] kyuuketsukirui.

1. My boss called me today, even though I quit work to be a Stay At Home Mum and finish uni. He is setting up the remote logins for the work computers so I can work a couple of hours a week from home! Just doing the investigation work (I worked for a debt collection agency and searched for debt dodgers using the internet). I would be able to do it on weekends or while breastfeeding or whatever! That's very nice of him to do that for me. I don't *need* the money but everyone could do with a bit more. He also hired my little brother for temp work this week before uni starts :D

2. The Packers won. I just went for them because Adam is a huge Milwaukee Bucks fan, so that's the same state, right? I also enjoyed the half time show. Haters gon' hate.

3. Glee wasn't horrifically terrible! Sure, the Sam character makes no sense, and continuity is stupid but it was okay! The Thriller/Heads Will Roll number was good. Karofsky is getting some depth to his character that isn't 'I'm Evil' or 'I'm a Problematic Homophobic Gay Stereotype'. Darren Criss still needs to get in my pants. I don't know why kids at a private school are singing Bills, Bills, Bills though. I was glad to see this show back.

4. My friending meme over at [livejournal.com profile] parenting101 was a success! Over 800 comments, so thank god for gmail. I made lots of new friends.

5. Liam went to bed tonight (in his crib) at 9:00pm! Hopefully he stays asleep.

6. I downloaded Tangled and am so excited to watch it.


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