Mar. 27th, 2011 10:59 pm
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I share a lot of links on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, but don't really do it here, so I thought I'd do a catch all.

Straight Male Gamer Told To Get Over It By Bioware : Some privileged dude complained about being hit on by non-girls in the game Dragon Age 2. The response is a thing of perfection.

Petite Lap Giraffe : They've bred tiny miniature giraffes you can have on your laps. No, really.

The Loneliest Whale In The World : It's a sad story about a real life lonely whale. :( :( :(

Ching Chong: Asians In The Library Song : This has been stuck in my head for days. A response to Alexandra Wallace. I'm sad that she's quit uni though. People have done far worse things than be ignorant.

Real Life Colour Picker Tool You know that eyedropper tool in Photoshop that allows you to pick the exact colour from an existing image? Well, someone's made a real life one. Put the pen over something in RL, it matches the colour, then you can draw with the pen. No joke.

These trees cocooned in spiderwebs freak me out

Speaking of which. Adam found a tarantula-esque spider that he's now keeping in a bucket. He fed it a whitetail :( Apparently Adam kept a spider in his backpack at school and owned a wolf spider in a fish tank with no lid, and when it had babies and his mum told him to get rid of it, he just tipped it out the window :(
We also have a huge orb web spider on our lemon tree (which just had babies), and a little web spider on our bathroom windowsill I'm not allowed to touch.

Apparently young Adam also kept snails in his pockets and they constantly went through the wash :(

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I'm really going to try and update more. I don't have anything interesting to say, but I think I'll like to come back and read these in the future. I love [ profile] starfish11's daily updates. It's just her and her everyday life and it's just lovely.

Yesterday was Adam's 30th birthday party here at home. Adam had a really good time, so I'm going to chalk it up as a success, but there were lots of things I could have done better. Adam's brother Bill burnt all the barbeque food and I left the salads inside so hardly anyone ate them. I also forgot candles for Adam's cake :( And I forgot to take photos :(

Liam refused to sleep the entire time. He did fall asleep at 8:30pm, but as soon as I set him down in his cot, BAM! eyes flew open and he was awake. The party was rather loud though. He fell asleep at about 11pm after everyone had left and slept for over 8 hours straight! I actually don't know if he did or not, because I was completely dead to the world and didn't even notice Adam coming to bed after me, so I may have slept through noises.

Other babies at the party all fell asleep at about 7:30-8:30. I was a bit jealous. One baby was in a Hug-a-bub baby carrier - similar to a Moby Wrap. She looked so snug and fell asleep. I tried it, and Liam loved it (he hated his Babyhawk Mei Tei, so who knows what the difference is) but he wouldn't sleep. I went out and bought one today ($80 for a length of fabric :\) and well, I worry that if I wear him all the time, how is he going to be independent without me? How's he going to learn how to move around and stuff? WHEN DO YOU WEAR YOUR BABIES? I do like having him in a pram when we go shopping cos he definitely falls asleep in that. I'm already being told I spoil Liam too much because I hold him all the time.

Liam's pretty much refusing to fall asleep for naps now unless he's in a car or a pram. It's driving me bonkers. We have sleep school in a couple of weeks, hopefully it's not brutal, otherwise I'm going straight home. I do hope it helps with his naps. He is so obviously tired and sleepy, he just won't... fall asleep.

OH! Liam's got a new cousin today! Adam's little sister Amy came around for his birthday last night, 5 days past her due date, and this morning she had her baby! A little boy named Hamish Edward. Or rather, a big boy, 9 pounds, 6 ounces. His big sister is a midget, so it's a bit of surprise. They're so pleased to have a boy. And Matilda, who's about 20 months, isn't as jealous as we thought she would be. First contraction at 5am, baby out by 8:24am! My MIL didn't even make it in time. Amy was even allowed to deliver it herself at the hospital. Pushed, and put her hands down and pulled him out herself.

So that's 3 boys in 9 months for our family, they'll all be in the same year level at school and we all live so close together. Hopefully they'll get along.

The Australian Grand Prix was on today. I'm still not over the disappointment that Vettel was world champion last year. Webber came a disappointing 5th so I think we're in for another shit year.
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And that is it for photospamming for today. Sorry if I clogged up your flist.

I will post photos from the pic meme tomorrow.
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Couple of weeks back, Liam peed on his flannelette sheet so while I went to change his nappy, I asked Adam to change the sheets. I handed him a new sheet and a waterproof mattress protector.

Adam is notorious for not putting sheets on straight, so when I came back, I was pleased to see everything was done nicely!

Today I search the house up and down for the flannelette sheet because it's getting cold, and that sheet is nice and warm. COULD NOT FIND THEM ANYWHERE. Adam must have put them in the wash? In the laundry basket? Under the cot? Stashed back in the drawers? WHERE????

Found them finally.

Under the new sheets. Under the mattress protector.



Only my husband.


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