Sep. 7th, 2012

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Went to dinner with [ profile] silverthoughts and [ profile] claypot last night! It was awesome and there were photos, but alas not on my camera.

We were lol-ing a bit at how we all still checked our LJ friends list every single day even though phones made commenting more work, and it was a bit sad that no one was around anymore. Especially those that aren't also on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/Wherever. So look! This is me, updating!

I had some tiramisu, which was *delicious*, but it turns out that even the coffee in that makes me all headachey and nauseous so I spent the night feeling really terrible. I have no idea how so little coffee can make me so sick. I feel all dehydrated even though I've had copious amounts of water since then. It can't be the caffeine because I can down *a lot* of Coke if I want to and still feel great. It sucks because I *love* coffee and we make very good coffee here in Melbourne.

We're heading up to Sydney for [ profile] beadpixie's wedding tomorrow, so I got my eyebrows and nails did. I will definitely take photos of that to show anyone who still remembers her.

Oh and eta: for other similar news, [ profile] o_chan is getting married next year and I get to be bridesmaid! Everyone should come back to LJ dammit.


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