Aug. 8th, 2012

good stuff

Aug. 8th, 2012 09:33 am
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- Adam got a new job! He's been working as a factory hand in a blind factory for the past couple of months on a pretty paltry wage, but now he was just offered a job by another blind company going around to people's houses and quoting/measuring/fitting blinds for people. It pays more, and he gets a van and a phone and his fuel paid for, so hurrah! We come off welfare payments, so the pay rise doesn't work out to be heaps more, but more is more.

We're not so much excited about the job as the fact that it shows some progression on his resume? His resume is pretty bare, like, 10 years of self employment as a bricklayer is difficult for potential employers I think.

He's terrified because he doesn't like any sort of change or anything new, so I'm really proud of him for giving this a go. He's going to learn all sorts of people skills too, which will be helpful for future employment.

We've also applied for various other sought other positions such as firefighter, train driver, policemen, all of which thousands of people apply for and take many months, and Adam's made the next round in all of them.

- We also did well at tax time, so we were able to pay off all our debts and have a couple of grand over for savings so financially we're doing okay. Not great, but okay.

- I was able to buy the double stroller I wanted for only $150. I didn't want to spend heaps just in case Liam decided that he was going to walk everywhere so $150 is quite good! I'm hoping Liam will be ready to move into a big boy bed in the next few months; Adam's building him a train bed!

- Speaking of Liam sleeping, I covered Liam's window with a thick piece of fabric that blocks out all the light and I've been able to just put Liam down in his cot in the afternoon and he's been sleeping for 2+ hrs! I used to have to take him for drives in the car to get him to sleep and just sit with him in the car while he slept because he refused to transfer, but omg MY LIFE HAS CHANGED SINCE LIAM IS SLEEPING INSIDE. I'll have to spring for a proper block out blind because I've pinned the fabric on the window and therefore can't open up the blind in the mornings. Our house is clean, Adam gets proper cooked lunches and dinners, sometimes I get to nap, I've had a whole new lease on life.

- Olympics has been disappointing for Australians, but god, there's so much pretty this year. There's been a real lack of RPS though and I WANT TO SEE IT. Everyone is so very good looking!

- [ profile] paperlegends has been phenomenal so far, you should read some. Just pick one, I haven't read a bad one so far and I've read a lot of them.

- My SIL just called and said she's setting up some messy arts and crafts at her house so to drop by with Liam and join in :) I love it when things like that happen.

bad stuff

Aug. 8th, 2012 09:45 am
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I've been really lonely lately. It all came to a head on Sunday when Adam woke up to a sunny day and decided that it was a good day to go to the football. I burst into tears because I couldn't go because Liam needed to stay home and nap and he was a bit under the weather.

All of my friends have moved away, or are moving away, or have moved to the other side of the city with no car and I see them twice a year if that. I don't really have online friends anymore - just online acquaintances.

I've said it before, but I need new friends and it's a lot harder than I thought to make some. I love the women in my mother's group, but they're not *my* people. I went to see Magic Mike with Adam's ex gf and her friends (yeah, we're friends, it's weird but it works) but again, while lovely people, not my people.

Adam wanted to throw me a party for my 30th but I didn't have anyone to invite :(

I don't know how else to go about making new friends. Do I have to start new hobbies? Because I don't really want to/have the money to.



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