May. 8th, 2012

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So I would really like it if Ewan McGregor would play Moriarty in this new 'Elementary' show, so that between him, Jonny Lee Miller and Jude Law, we could have Sherlock/Watson/Moriarty and it would like be the good old days again.

I would also enjoy it if one of these new Sherlock shows/movies would actually portray Sherlock as someone who really loves getting the bad guy cos they did bad things and deserve justice. The Sherlock in the books is really into that and it's weird to me that they never gave Sherlock that extra purpose in the new stuff.

I can't keep away from Avengers spoilers even though I've put every term I can think of into my Tumblr Savior. People just don't tag stuff with what their posts are actually about. Like, you can keep your 'OMG' and 'AASFDSJLSKD' tags just add an extra 'tom hiddleston' one on the end or something!

In RL news, Adam's getting up early every day to go to his new job, and it's waking up Liam. So now Liam wakes up 5 min before Adam's alarm every morning and I can't seem to get him to go back to sleep because Liam can hear Adam being awake and getting ready for work. I also don't want to start putting Liam to bed at 6:30pm so he gets his full 12 hours :\


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