May. 1st, 2012

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I know it's rude to talk about money things but it's my LJ and I'll do what I want to :)

I was looking up minimum wage type things and it turns out that the minimum wage in Australia is $15.51 per hour. (Adam is getting a bit more than that) Which is almost double the US rate of $8-something. Jesus christ, how does your country work? How can you afford anything on $8 an hour?

I went to Centrelink to see if Adam's new income is still low enough for us to be eligible for any sort of assistance. At the very least I want a Low Income Heathcare Card because they are the shit. Concession rates to everything, transport etc, - super cheap meds. I remember being on the pill with the Card and it cost me $5 for 4 months! My anti-nausea meds which cost $13.50 (not going to break the bank, but still) are only $5 on the card.

Centrelink is a very miserable place :( All sorts of people lined up requiring assistance. Liam hated it and squealed the entire time. He threw his food on the floor, wiped his snotty nose all over his face. At the welfare office in a low income area *I* had the ratty kid. It was awful.

Anyway, once we got into the interview area, Liam was an angel because he got to draw pictures with some coloured pencils the worker had thoughtfully provided.

Turns out that at the moment I'm receiving $190 per fortnight in assistance for having Liam. Now that Adam is making not very much I'll be receiving $390 a fortnight!

THREE HUNDRED AND NINETY DOLLARS A FORTNIGHT. WHAT THE HELL. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THIS BUT OH MY GOD SURELY THIS SORT OF WELFARE IS CRIPPLING OUR COUNTRY. That is so much money! Adam will be making $1368 per fortnight before tax, so we'll have something like $750 each and every week to spend on mortgage, bills, groceries etc. Does that seem like a lot to anyone? Considering I'm supposed to be really poor?

It seems like TONS to me. I just spent all last week switching utility plans/companies to the cheapest options and our bills aren't so big. If Adam keeps this job (or gets a better one) we'll be able to pay off our credit card (there's only about 1k on it, not so bad) and start saving again. I don't know why I haven't insisted on Adam getting a regular wage job before this. The idea of being paid every fortnight is making me deliriously happy.
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My mum bought me a whole bunch of new bras from Vietnam when she was there.

Me: "Mum, how did you know what size I am?"
Mum: "I don't. I just bought the biggest size they had in every shop."


They fit.


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