Apr. 1st, 2012

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This morning daylight savings ended so Liam was up an hour earlier than usual. I was not ready for this and just handed him my phone to keep him quiet as I dozed.

See what he changed on my phone:

And no, it's not the indecipherable memo he left me, either. He's changed the icon for my web browser to a little pouty photo of himself. Click on his face and it sends me to the Internet.

My own son is trolling me. Or he knows it's April Fool's.
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I'm years late on this because I was getting sick of the meme, but it turns out my mum isn't especially cruel and unusual, seems like she's just a stereotypical Asian mum.

For some reason, it's awful and hurtful when it's just me, but when it's millions of people everywhere in this collective experience it's hilarious.

Besides the NO SHAKY LEG! thing my mum drummed into me, I was also given a stern look everytime I forgot to cover my mouth when I laughed. I didn't know it wasn't considered rude by most people until I was grown up but now it's too late and it's an ingrained habit.

Eta: Oh, there's Shit Asian Girls Say too, which was a lot what I was like each time I dated an Asian guy and definitely rings a bell with the people I know. Something to ponder.
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Just when I was all feeling good about the state of preschool television programming, in a racial sense, I watched an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba this morning where Andy Samberg guest starred.

Wearing this:

For no reason, he was just on to show everyone how to do the Crocodile Chomp dancey dance.

Yeah, because cultural appropriation IS AWESOME!

(hopefully my last post for the day. Adam took Liam to a party so I could stay home and finish an assignment and all I'm doing is faffing around on the Internet then throwing up)


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