Mar. 31st, 2012

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So I've had a really crap day what with Liam being cranky and me being morning sick and Adam being out all day and the rest of my family at a wedding.

Just checking my facebook and I had this conversation with this woman:

I am hormonal and angry and not very good at being civil right now but jeeeeez. I hardly ever see things like that on my Facebook, since my Brother in Law separated from his wife. And what *really* got me was the 'not being racist' line. I think I would have just passed on by if she hadn't said that.
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Still on this racism thing - I really should stop reading Hunger Games posts about casting/not casting non-white actors.

It really makes me wonder at what Liam will identify as, whether he will 'pass' for white, whether he will want to pass for white, why it sucks that I'm even thinking about it.

Looking at the TV shows that are aimed at pre-school children with human actors, there is a very large percentage of people of colour. Take Sesame Street, for example. Besides Bob and Gina, I think everyone is black, Asian, or Hispanic/Latino . DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba! is black. Dora the Explorer (and Diego) are Hispanic. Playschool, which is an institution here in Australia (and is a really amazing show) is made up of a noticeable number of non-white presenters.

These are very very very popular TV shows. No one complains about them.

So why does the media decide that once children hit school age that they cannot accept People of Colour in main roles? And even if the school-age-appropriate cartoon involves a non-white lead (see Avatar, Dragonball Z) why does the media then cast a white actor in the Hollywood movie version?

(in a separate rant, why is it, that when Brenda Song finally got her own starring vehicle after being the most promising Disney star for a long time she had to be a martial arts warrior?)

Who makes these decisions?


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