Mar. 24th, 2012

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I saw both 21 Jump Street and the Hunger Games this week. I enjoyed the former more than the latter, though both were good.

21 Jump Street was sweet and funny and very bromancy. I can't take Channing Tatum seriously, so in a movie where I'm not supposed to, he's wonderful. It kind of had nothing to do with the original 80s TV show, which was Serious Business if you were a Vietnamese person because it had a Vietnamese actor in it, omg. I can't really think of any other 100% ethnically Vietnamese actors in Western media at all since then (except for Thuy Trang, the Yellow Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). I liked how self aware it was (enough, not too much) and how much fun it poked at various tropes. Lots of penis and gay jokes though, but it wasn't homophobic at all? Just in character. I thought it was great.

Saw The Hunger Games. Loved Jennifer Lawrence in it, hated that she was too old and white, which isn't the Katniss I interpreted from the books, so tried to forget about it. Actually saw a tweet where people were shocked that Rue was black because they read her as 'white and innocent' in the books. Gag. It was pretty explicit that she was black. And her actress was PERFECT.
Anyway, the PG rating meant that it wasn't realistic enough for me, there weren't enough reaction shots to the deaths in the audience/world outside the arena. I would have liked to see a screen/graphic in the control centre that clearly stated who had died and who hadn't. That way we would have maybe gotten to know the other tributes better and felt more suspense.
All the casting was pretty good. Katniss aside, Liam Hemsworth was so obviously cooler than Josh Hutcherson, even if he did look like he belonged on the WB channel. Wes Bentley, Elizabeth Banks, Donald Sutherland, Woody Harrelson were great. Lenny Kravitz was perfect.

So yeah, not as good as the books, but wasn't expecting it to be.


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