Mar. 13th, 2012

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Mar. 13th, 2012 01:27 pm
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- everything was coming up millhouse. Liam's sleeping through the night, eating a truckload, walking everywhere, beginning to talk. I'm stress free, uni is under control, housework is getting done, Adam comes home to a clean house and a lovely dinner. Now Adam is running out of work, (as in, unemployed) which means that I may have to find work, which I really really do not want to do because I don't know what to do with Liam in the meantime. It's stressing me out. A lot. I've emailed my old boss to see if he's got any temp work for me, and it's killing me that I had to do so :(

- Liam's the best. At 15 months now he understands everything I say (in two languages!) and obeys simple commands. He knows we can't leave the house until his socks and shoes are on and man did I cop it one day when I almost forgot his bag! He's definitely hit the 'I DO MYSELF' stage and that's making everything messier and everything takes a million years to do, but I'm proud of him.

- I'm still not pregnant, or maybe I am. I've decided to stop checking. :D

Fandom Life:

- I really dislike that new photoshoot with Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath. It's just.. staged really badly. It looks cheap and everyone looks awkward and wooden and if you're making Katie look awkward you are DEFINITELY doing something wrong. The placement of the people is really odd and unnatural and hopefully the rest of the shoot fares better.

- Does anyone have a download for Parked? Anyone? Pleeeeeeeease? Thanks Tumblr!

- I got my [ profile] paperlegends writer to cheerlead! She's not writing Merlin/Arthur at all, which threw me a bit, but the more I think about her plot ideas/pairings, the more excited I am, so this is going to be so much fun.

- I've been mainlining White Collar. It is the most frivolous silly show I have ever watched. I don't for a moment feel like any of the characters are in any sort of peril and that's the way I like it. I love Agent Burke and Tiffani Thiessen is SO BEAUTIFUL and her character is ace and so is Mozzie. We're midway through Season 2 at the moment.

- We've also been watching Spartacus, which you should also watch, for sure. There's stylised gore and lots of nudity, but I've never really watched a show where the 'good guys' have all done bad things and the 'bad guys' all have reasons for doing their bad things. Every single character in this show wants more than they have and it's all driving them into this tangled web where one minute they're the spider and the next they're the fly and back again. I can never predict what's happening and it's RIVETING. If you haven't watched it, definitely start from the beginning at Spartacus: Blood and Sand. It takes a couple of episodes to get going. SO MUCH PRETTY! There's also gay couples that are just.. couples! It's the best.

- Why didn't anyone who recommended the IT Crowd to me tell me there was canned laughter? It's driving me batty.


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