Mar. 6th, 2012

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As much as I'm kind of stressed about turning 30, I gotta say that it's actually pretty good. My life is somewhat in order - I'll finish my degree and get a job. There is still a large market out there for maths teachers. I have a beautiful son and a wonderful husband. I don't feel that onset of panic of 'omg what's going to happen with my life?!' anymore. I haven't quite solved the problem of my overbearing parents yet, but I've learnt how to hang up their phone calls and I don't have to visit them if I don't want to. It's great.

Another thing that's so great now that I'm turning 30 is fandom. I had a few years break, and now I'm back and I am loving it. It's partly my age, and partly.. well, fandom. Being 29 and having a nice life outside of the Internet really puts everything in perspective. All of the drama just washes off my back because I've seen it all before. I don't spend time on the Internet telling people they're wrong anymore because I don't have the time. I don't spend time trying to become more popular, more well liked, or any of that, because I don't have the time.

And damn if it doesn't feel good.

Other things have made fandom so much more fun.. Tumblr for one. To me, Tumblr is just a whirling mass of squee. Maybe it's the people I follow, but the only rage I see is generally directed at the various 'isms' and not at fandom at all. It's just constant pretty pictures and pretty words and pretty sounds and pretty videos. It really is a happy place. There's no pressure on me to actually *create* any content, but I can still be an active participant in fandom by *sharing* the love. I find also that drama also doesn't spread quite so much because to reply to anything, you have to reblog, and thus bring the argument to your own blog and share it with all your followers.

Kink memes are another amazing development to me. All that shit about BNFs that plagued my time in Harry Potter fandom? Doesn't happen because of kink memes. It allows newbies to dip their toes into writing, into new styles, kinks, anything, and get an audience, without having to complain that no one reads them because they're a BNF. Hell, it allows everyone that same courtesy, of being read by people who want to read your *story* and have no preconceptions about who you are as a person or the stuff you've written before.

It allows people who don't write to get their ideas written, and damn if that's not great for non writers and gets us all active and participating in fandom. I love it.

AO3 is also incredible. AO3 + an e-reader? BEST UNION EVER. I used to print fanfic out! I used to take my (hulking 17" screen) laptop to bed. You know you can get the [ profile] shoebox_project on your e-reader? BEST.

I'm finding beta work and cheerleading super fun without the added stress of having to create something. I'm discovering that quite a number of my favourite authors and new fandom friends are Mamas just like me, and not everyone is 20, like I used to think.

Life is good. I love everyone. The end.

(oh in other lovely news, since I've been on teaching rounds, Liam's taken to giving me huge hugs when I get home. I'll pick him up and sometimes try and talk to Adam 'hi, yeah my day was good' over his shoulder, but he'll always grab my face in both hands in a 'look at me, mummy, look at me, kiss me mummy, i love you mummy' way, shove his head up against mine and won't let me do anything until I've kissed his face off. I love him.)


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