Mar. 1st, 2012

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Adam showed me a Tumblr where people submit photos. Photos of girls taking naked photos of themselves on their mobile phones and sending them via phone to their boyfriends or whatever.
The Tumblr is just page after page of these girls, the Tumblr obviously doesn't publish every photo submitted, because all the girls are white, young (but not illegally young but still school age or early college) and thin. (and I saw *one* girl with pubic hair. It was crazy)

Adam was enjoying looking at these photos, because hey, who doesn't like perky boobs that are real and unphotoshopped? But it made me feel so ill and SO ANGRY.

Angry that Adam, and all the other people that peruse this Tumblr are *not* the intended audience for these photos. They're private and are obviously all supposed to remain private, but the recipients of the photos, whom the girls trusted, broke that trust and PUT THEM ON THE INTERNET.

Adam tried to justify it by saying that these girls must have been pretty horrible / cheated / lied / done something bad and their photos have been sent in as revenge. NO ADAM. SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST INSENSITIVE JERKS.

It just horrified me that these are girls who go to *school*, and it was probably horrible enough that the guy showed all his mates the photos, and then worse, he sent them to his mates' phones, but THE INTERNET?

I don't know, all these girls were gorgeous, and maybe some of them sent in photos of themselves, but it really seemed unlikely that the majority of them would.

It just made me want to throw up. [ profile] flip_doubt has naked photos of me that he took, now I'm wondering whether they're floating around somewhere. Jesus christ. Hopefully any future daughters of mine will have the common sense not to take a photo of their face along with their bodies if they want to titillate anyone. Hopefully.


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