Feb. 14th, 2012

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Adam's been a Stay at Home Dad these few days while work is slow and I have teaching rounds.
He looks exhausted, haha :D

Though, I came home to heart shaped chocolate chip cookies (Adam makes the best cookies I've ever tasted) so it's been a good Valentine's Day for me :)

I've also been able to see a couple of movies:
- Hugo - this was beautiful, but kind of slow, for me? And Asa Butterfield isn't as good an actor as I thought he was. I could *see* him acting. I know he's young, but Chloe was so much better. Jude Law at the start? *That* was my Remus Lupin right there, with the cardigans and the museums and the glasses. Anyway, it wasn't fun enough to be a kid's movie, but it wasn't a movie for adults. Beautiful, but odd.

- Finally saw Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows. Yeah, entertaining, but that is all. I'm not all that fond of any of the characterisations of any of the characters. Not even Stephen Fry's Mycroft. What *was* that nude scene?! Though, the thing I miss the most from the ACD canon in the BBC Sherlock version is the sense of *fun* they have. I know BBC Sherlock has his perverse sense of fun, but Watson never seems like he's having fun. I love the fact in the ACD books that Sherlock just goes 'nothing we can do but wait. Let's go see an orchestra play and eat a fine dinner!' I want to see BBC Sherlock enjoying a meal. I love the movie's Mary Morstan though. Lovelovelove. I've resigned to the fact that the BBC version will screw her up somehow.

- Saw the trailer for The Hobbit! SO. Excited. Also saw the trailer for the Amanda Seyfried movie 'Gone'. It also stars Jennifer Carpenter, Sebastian Stan and Wes Bentley. MY LOINS O MY LOINS.

Might try and see This Means War tomorrow. Also been watching the new season of Spartacus. Miss Andy Whitfield but the show is still TV with all the boring bits cut out :D

- Oh, I also downloaded The Shoebox Project onto my Kindle to finally read it, turns out I had only read 7% of it before giving it up as Giant WIP I Will Wait For. I finished it, only to find out it isn't finished. Probably won't be finished. It ended at an okay place, but I wish I had known :\ I also downloaded the Harry/Draco classic Resolution to my Kindle too, remembering I had given that up as a Giant WIP back in 2003 or something, but it turns out it is still going! Just something like 18 months between chapters :D

Thankyou for all my glass hearts! <3 <3 <3 you.

eta: Also, this year's Oscar noms are shit. Pure shit. What the hell man. I *watched* Moneyball. What a terrible version of a compelling book. It wasn't even a dramatic sports movie. Everyone was good in it, but they weren't *great*. How were both Brad and Jonah nominated for acting? They just.. acted. Competently. Brad ate. As per normal. Jonah wasn't funny, therefore deserved a nomination? Gary Oldman? He kind of just sat still for the whole movie. Or he swam. You can give him the Oscar as a kind of 'Lifetime Achievement Award' type thing, I guess. Maybe one day Leonard dicaprio will get one of those.


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