Feb. 2nd, 2012

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Adam and I don't have much in common. I'm not always sure why we're married, but I'm always glad we are.

Me: "Why did you marry me?"
Adam: "You have nice boobs."
Me: "If it were possible, can I sell them for $3000?"
Adam: "No!"
Me: "$30,000?"
Adam: "Are you getting fake ones put in with the money?"
Me: "No."
Adam: "Nope."
Me: "$300,000?" Adam: "No." Me: "$3 million?"
Adam: "Can I have sex with women who have boobs?"
Me: "No!" Adam: "No then."
Me: "$300 million?"
Adam: "So what, I'm a multimillionaire who can't have sex with hookers. No thanks."
Me: "Think of our family!! $3 billion?"
Adam: "Will you still have nipples?"
Me: "Yes, just flat chested."
Adam: "Okay, $3 billion dollars. Maybe."

lol. Not sure he realises my boobs have depreciating value.

Me: "Hey Adam, I have a question about John Watson..."
Adam: "Tina, I don't care nor think about John Watson at all. Ever."
Me: "Just saying.. back when he was in high school, what sport do you think he would play?"
Adam: "Are you writing porn?"
Me: "Maybe."
Adam: "*sigh* John Watson would be the opening batsman for his school's cricket team. He's not posh enough to play rugby but isn't suited to football. He's steady and dependable which would make him perfect for opening. He would also bowl sometimes as he has great aim. He also has the mental toughness for test cricket as well as the body shape. Are you happy?"
Me: "O____O I love you."
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I went shopping for a pair of shoes for Liam and somehow got talked into shelling out $40 for a pair of Converse Chucks for him. On sale.

14 month old indie kid, oh yeah. wait do indie kids even wear Chucks now or have they all moved onto Dunlop Volleys because Liam used to wear the Volleys that came in a pre-walker size. Cheap shoes can't believe they sell them for $60 in New York

I felt a bit guilty so I figured something had to give in our budget so I have decided to forgo snacks for this week.

But damn if I didn't wish that I could eat his teeny little shoes right now. He's going to grow out of them in 3 months anyway. What was I thinking? I COULD BE EATING CORN CHIPS AND TIM TAMS. Not torturing myself with the food tag on Tumblr.
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Do people *really* swipe their tongue over the roof of their partner's mouths when kissing?

I see this described in stories all the time and it has never once occurred to me to lick the roof of someone's mouth. Nor has anyone ever licked the roof of mine, but to be fair, the sample size of people I have kissed is rather small, and I'm quite fond of being the one who kisses the top lip.

I tried to do it to Adam the other day but I must have the shortest tongue ever because I couldn't even physically manage it without actually stopping the kissing and just opening his mouth wide just to lick inside it.



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