Jan. 20th, 2012

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This whole stay-at-home-mum thing? I've lost all my social skills. I keep forgetting that not everyone thinks the way I do because I surround myself on LJ, on Tumblr, on Twitter with likeminded people.

I seem to have lost my brain to mouth filter, which was never that good to start with, tbh.

We were at Bill's house having a barbeque and the babies were crawling in and out of the disused fireplace. It wasn't the cleanest but we gave up trying to keep them out of it after Adam got tired playing goalie to 3 determined crawlers.

After dinner Hamish (10 months) was crawling in it, and his big sister Tilly (2.5 years) wanted to go in as well, but she was wearing her brand new favourite sparkly tutu dress.

SIL Amy (their mum): "No, Tilly, you can't go in there!"
Tilly: "WAAAAHHHHHHH Hamish is in there!"
Amy: "That's because Hamish is a boy."

Yep. I just basically told my SIL that her parenting was stupid, really loudly IN FRONT OF HER KIDS.

I had to start explaining and backtracking and was feeling a bit horrible.

Anyway, Adam came to try and save me because my SIL was looking pretty mad, and he was all 'Tilly, you'll ruin your pretty dress..' and Amy was agreeing with the dress thing so Tilly started taking her dress off. Amy started getting upset at that, but Adam had to give and say 'seriously, if the only reason you're giving her now is that her dress will get dirty, the only logical thing is to take it off'. Everyone was staring at Amy now, so she just gave in and let Tilly play in the fireplace in her underwear.

Amy's still mad at me and it's been a week :(

I knew I was never going to agree with her husband's parenting, (he got upset once when we put Tilly's Abby Cadabby hair on Hamish for a giggle and requested BOY TOYS for Christmas and protested when I got Liam to kiss Hamish goodbye) but I forgot that Amy was conservative as well. I guess being young, educated, an educator and having a science degree doesn't stop people from having ingrained ideas.

I just gotta flippin remember when to keep my mouth shut.


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