Jan. 6th, 2012

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So I haven't been on Livejournal for the whole of December because we've been really busy doing all sorts of fun holiday activities and I've been trying to clean the house ready for the new year. I'd been taking lots of photos on my phone to show you all when I finally got the time, but then I DROPPED MY BRAND NEW PRACTICALLY-MOST-EXPENSIVE-PHONE-ON-THE-MARKET PHONE into the ocean while saving Liam from a wave.

SO now the whole thing is corroded and I don't know if I can recover the photos I had saved on the phone.

Before that, it'd been the best holiday I'd ever had. Everything was going well, we were having fun, Liam was going down to sleep in places other than our house, zero fighting with parents, and we were going to so many places! Now I'm just so sad about my phone :(

I haven't even watched the Merlin finale! (Though, I found time for both Sherlock and the Downton Abbey Christmas Episode. Oh my heart.)

I'm now looking forward to reading every single [livejournal.com profile] merlin_holidays fic.

Liam's beginning to show much more of his personality now, and is learning to communicate better, though he still doesn't talk at all, nor does he walk, and at 13 months, I feel he's a bit behind, though I'm not worried. It's really hard watching him do things or react to things in a way that might be less than perfect and think 'oh god, he's exactly like me, he's taken that trait from me, the poor boy he doesn't deserve that :('

Like he's super cautious about everything (which is probably why he refuses to walk when he is perfectly capable). I'm scared of everything. I never want to try something new and I think I was almost 7 or 8 until I went down a slide by myself! I don't want that for Liam - I feel like I've missed out on lots of life experiences because I would 'rather spectate'. We all went go-karting on our holiday, but I decided to watch instead. It did seem rather fun, but that's just how I roll it seems. He also gets easily frustrated, but I'm not sure if that's just him being a toddler. I've watched him get so angry because the triangle wouldn't fit in the shape sorter (right shape, wrong orientation) that he slammed the shape down and screamed. He's also easily startled. I'm *so* easily startled, I will jump in fright when Adam comes around the corner. Adam is constantly 'TINA, I LIVE HERE. I HAVE ALWAYS LIVED HERE. WHY IS IT ALARMING THAT I APPEARED AROUND A CORNER?'

You have so many hopes that your kids will take after your good traits that you forget that they'll pick up your bad ones too.

Speaking of kids, my period is now 6 days late and I've peed on TWO sticks now, but nothing. I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant as we haven't had sex that often, but it's odd that my period is late. Any ideas?

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season! I will try make another post with all the lovely things we've been doing.


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