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I've been cutting dairy from my diet because Toby is reflux-y, to see if it helps. It's been making me a bit miserable, because everything I eat, seems to have dairy in it, but I've been doing okay.

(I mean, corn chips have dairy wtf)

Liam asked for a smoothie just now, so I made him one then took a great big swig of it without thinking AND ALL THAT WORK IS NOW UNDONE BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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I'm going to try and update this more often, yes! I know that some people are reading, even if hardly anyone comments these days.

- Toby is 5.750kg and he's 6 weeks tomorrow. He's a proper chubby baby already, and I'm having a hard time keeping all his creases dry and sweat free. He has a fat crease in the middle of his forearm. It's incredible. It must be hard to keep yourself clean if you're morbidly obese, I'd never thought of that before.

- Speaking of Toby, I forgot to mention that he was cast as an extra in an episode of Offspring! That was fun to go do. I don't watch the show at all, but it is rather popular here. They sent out a call for newborns, and Toby was 3 weeks at the time. In between the time of casting to the time of filming (like, 4 days) Toby grew heaps, so when we went to film, he was like, twice the size of all the other babies hahaha

There was a little baby green room on set, with a midwife, change tables etc. Toby was just going to be a baby in the nursery at the hospital, but it was interesting seeing all the other babies there - there were a couple of babies whose mums were so obviously stage mums, or mums who were dancers/models/actors (OMGTRIPLETHREAT). We got called on set, and I was wandering through the warehouse, turned a corner, and BOOM I WAS IN A HOSPITAL. It was bizarre. I didn't recognise any of the actors, except it was obvious which ones they were because they were SO MUCH BETTER LOOKING THAN EVERYONE ELSE.
The camera man took a liking to Toby, and actually filled out his little name/info card on the hospital crib with Toby's actual details, so that's on set forever :)

Toby didn't have to do anything but lie there and be a baby, and that was it. Really glamorous. But hey, he gets paid! It's episode 3 of Season 4 that he'll be a part of.

- Speaking of nebulous claims to fame, I was looking at the Season 3 casting spoilers for Teen Wolf, and a girl named Adelaide Kane has been cast as some sort of 17 year old mysterious werewolfy person. I used to tutor her in mathematics when she won her 3 month stint on Neighbours from Dolly Magazine, oh about 6 or so years ago! I had no idea she pursued acting any further because well, they didn't renew her contract on Neighbours. She was also awkward as hell, and also in the middle of that special teenage time where you have crippling self doubt and a gigantic ego all at once? She used to use me as an agony aunt because no one else on set liked her :\ Anyway, she seemed to have grown up mega hot and I'm pleased for her, and I hope she gets to make out with Tyler Hoechlin.

- I got to watch The Hobbit all by myself and I spent the time feeling super weird like I had left my handbag behind or something - turns out it was just Toby I had left. Also, I was wearing contacts so I could put the 3D glasses on, and that made me feel weird because I was always pushing up my non existent glasses. I loved The Hobbit because it actually felt like someone just put a fantasy book on screen. Like, they didn't care about making it into a movie with a build up and a climax and emotional beats or whatever, it meandered, like a fantasy book does. Like, Tolkien decides to put a friggin song in the middle of his text, so they put it in the movie. It was great. Also really comforting to be back in Middle Earth, I must say.

- I'm powering through what seems like every Sterek fic on AO3 (and damn there are a lot). I think I'm just reading it because it's hot. I generally tend to like pairings who are really obviously SUPER BEST FRIENDS AND WILL DIE FOR EACH OTHER OMG like Merlin/Arthur and Sherlock/John, or enemy pairings like OMG I HATE YOU SO MUCH BUT WE'RE ALIKE YOU AND I HOW CAN I EVER OVERCOME ALL OUR OBSTACLES, like Mulder/Krycek and Harry/Draco. I find Stiles/Derek to be a bit wishy washy, where the bond or the hate has to be manufactured in the fic. Having said that, I don't tend to have an OTP, I'm happy to ship members of my main pairings with other people, but the idea of Stiles or Derek with anyone else kind gives me the creeps.

- I managed to go to the supermarket with both Liam and Toby and do a decent shop so I pretty much feel like a super competent mother at this point. Even if Liam kept sneaking random things into the trolley while I wasn't looking. It wasn't stuff he wanted, just stuff that he could reach.

- Okay Toby's waking up now gtg.

my family

Dec. 30th, 2012 01:15 pm
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Oh and while we're at it, here's a photo of my completed family for those of you who aren't on my FB.

But seriously, if I have you friended here, please come friend me on:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/tinadearing
- mostly status and photo updates about my kids, but some people find that entertaining.
Twitter: http://twitter.com/tinadearing
- yeah, I don't have much of a brain to twitter filter :\
Tumblr: http://wickedcherub.tumblr.com/
- I don't think I have much of a theme to my tumblr, just have a squizz.
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- This being a SAHM to two kids thing is hard, but not impossible.
- Toby is a giant kid, he's fat and is in the top 10% for both height and weight.
- I think he's fat because he eats a lot and I think he eats a lot because he has reflux issues, so I'm trying to cut dairy from my diet to see if it will help.
- Our Christmas was good, was at my in laws - 22 adults, 11 kids, went home with a car full of presents.
- Toby had his one month Vietnamese celebration thing, and that was nice and low key and my mother did everything, cooked and cleaned and paid $300 for a large roast pig and everything. This is how I know she loves me even if she talks a lot of shit. That and she bought me 5kg worth of cherries.
- I feel majorly burnt out with the whole holiday season + newborn + toddler thing and haven't been paying any attention to Adam and I think it's really really starting to depress him. Especially the whole no sex thing, since I haven't been to my 6 week checkup yet post baby.
- I need to find time to express milk so I can go see The Hobbit. I'm also burnt out because I can't go anywhere without Toby and it's starting to do my head in, and I get upset that Adam can just go play 18 holes of golf with no issues. (He doesn't do this regularly, his family came from overseas and wanted to play, he's not an asshole, he's taken Toby out on all his errands today to give me some space) But the unfairness really does bother me.
- I'm sure there was more but I'm going to try clean the house while watching Season 2 Teen Wolf so that my house is clean for New Years.
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I don't tend to do these because I suck at keeping them, but I was thinking about my life and what was making me miserable, and what I thought I could conceivably change.

My New Year's Resolution this year is to be a better friend.
Now because I need specifics, this involves:
- replying to all comments left on LJ, wall posts, @replies, DMs, emails.
- commenting on LJ posts, FB statuses, sending emails.

- actually initiating contact with friends instead of vice versa
- actually initiating meetup with friends. Target - to see them at least 3 times this year.
- responding to all SMSes to their logical conclusion and not just leaving them.
- to see my friends for my birthday

- to make 1 new offline friend who lives in my area. How I'm going to go about this I'm unsure. This is not a priority.

Other things I would like to perhaps achieve this year
- take monthly photos of Tobias
- read 50 books
- join a boxing class and get fit, target weight 50kg, (okay, seriously, I'm 53kg now, it's not much of a target)
- keep the house clean enough that I don't have to delay people when they drop by

Good luck to me.
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I marathoned the first season of Teen Wolf yesterday.

Adam: you can't force yourself into a new fandom, Tina.
Me: watch me!
Adam: you're rebounding!

Anyway, I forced him to watch it with me, and got him to play "Pick the slash pairing that has taken over the Internet"

Adam: I don't know how you people think! It's just bizarre.
Me: Go on. Indulge me! I don't really quite get this one either.
Adam: Stiles and the scowly werewolf dude.
Me: What.

See, the way I see it, *really* popular slash pairings come in three flavours. Best Friends, Mortal Enemies, and We're The Two Most Attractive Males In This Club.
Derek/Stiles don't fit the first two, and as cute as Dylan O'brien is, he's no Colton Haynes.
So I was a bit puzzled over the popularity of the pairing (not that I'm not on board) and was amazed at Adam's guess.

Me: explain.
Adam: well, it had to be a werewolf/human pairing, otherwise *boring*, Stiles is the only human, and um, Hello Derek?
Me: you should have seen him before he was legal. Cutest thing ever. Anyway, I guess that makes sense.
Adam: your show still sucks though. How come you won't watch actual quality programming with me, but you'll watch this crap?
Me: does your show come with copious fanfic?
Adam: hmmph.

Anyway, I'm on board with the Derek/Stiles but there are so many other wonderful pairing potentials that I'm still boggled by the sheer ubiquitousness of that pairing. Was there a Sterek epic fanfic that converted everyone? Like the Harry/Draco ship?

Maybe Season 2 will answer my question.
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Today I'm upset at Merlin ending. Not how it ended, but the fact that it did. Now, I prefer shows that end instead of petering out and getting cancelled, but it has truly hit me now how much I'm going to miss the cast.

And sure, Colin Morgan is likely to get other roles, but it won't be the same. David Duchovny in Californication is not the man I loved in The X-Files. Adam Brody? I miss him. I was never into Firefly, but I'm positive Castle is nothing compared to Mal.

TV show fandoms are my favourite, because of the constant new canon and visual nature, but I forgot about how much it hurts when it ends and the cast breaks up.

Maybe I should get back into anime or something.
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Tell me someone's in the process of setting up a merlin reincarnation fest or a Canon fix it fest right now. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it.
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I normally know it's time to download the new episode of Merlin when I get an email telling me that gaelach ros has uploaded the new preview for next episode on YouTube.

It only occurred to me an hour or so later that there would be no email because there will be no new episode. Ever. *sigh*

spoilers )
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Guys I'm so sad about Merlin ending I can't even sleep properly. (okay a newborn might have something to do about that too)

I've never had a series end on me while I've still been active in the fandom. At first I thought it was going to be great, because we were going to get closure etc but it's looking less and less likely and I am *so* upset. This is not what I signed up for.

Spoilers aside, just speculating from what we've seen so far, it really doesn't seem like we're going to see Merlin's destiny realised, you know, him helping Arthur to unite Albion and bring prosperity and peace for ages.

And I can't believe that. Like, all the other things I want, like for Arthur to recognise Merlin's deeds etc, they all fall by the wayside when I think that Merlin is not going to win.

Merlin is a family show. It's not Game of Thrones. How can Merlin not fulfill his destiny? His destiny is in the opening credits, it's in the opening monologue of the pilot, it's the whole reason why merlin does anything and they are going to have the hero fail?

I've never ever watched a show where the hero failed. Let alone a family show!

How can the show end without Arthur allowing magic back into camelot and merlin not being court sorcerer? I actually cannot wrap my head around it. Everything was pointing towards it until this season started.

How can a show called Merlin go for five seasons and have the main character not go through any physical or personal growth or change? Have him in the same place he started? Even sitcoms don't do that.

I'm almost beyond upset and getting into angry territory.

How can he go for five seasons without any recognition? Superheroes get recognition through their alter egos. Merlin gets nothing.

I'm actually going to cry now.
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Hey everyone, tumblr is down. Can fandom please migrate back to live journal? That would be ace, thank you.
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I gotta get better at replying to comments. :\

My car broke down the day we had to go home from the hospital with Tobias. Great timing, car. It would cost more than it was worth to fix, so my father threw his hands up in the air and bought us a brand new 2012 Honda Accord.


Like, he just rang me when I got home from the hospital and went 'you like white, or this greyish brown colour they call Urban?'

My mother was not too pleased, but it's pretty much the story of my life where my dad buys me things and my mother goes 'SHE DOESN'T DESERVE IT'. Not that my mother doesn't think I needed a new car, she'd been trying to give me money for years to buy a decent car to cart her grandkids around in. She just didn't think I needed a car *that* new. I still feel terrible about it though, because you know, I'm 30 years old and should be able to buy my own cars. And my mum did give me the 'AT YOUR AGE YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING AFTER US, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND' lecture, and I'm terrified of scratching it or getting it dirty.

But dammit, it's a great car. It really is. The fuel economy is great, there's room for everything, and a USB port for like, charging my phone/listening to my ipod. There's airbags everywhere, and all these buttons on the steering wheel and drives like a dream.

I got the white one here: http://accord.honda.com.au/ I figured I wouldn't get sick of white - it's a metallic, pearlescent sort of white, and it's safe, since I drive down lots of badly lit country roads.

In other news, I have a Merlin Rec:

Watch it All Melt Away by Anon for [livejournal.com profile] merlin_holidays
Oh god, I loved this fic. Merlin and Arthur are a new couple but they're not yet used to being able to just touch each other whenever they want, and oh god, the pining, and the flashbacks and they're in a cabin in the snow for goddsakes, it's sensual and beautiful and realistic and you should give it a go.
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My test results came back negative for anything serious, so they just put me on antibiotics. I'm getting better, so who knows.

It's our fourth wedding anniversary today, and we have nothing planned but hanging out with the kids. Next year we'll get babysitters though and make it a big one :)

Really really into the James Bond/Q thing at the moment. It's so wish fulfilling - Q is such a Mary sue sometimes, quirky, geeky, hipstery, smart, nerdy, yet manages to get with super suave yet broken James bond lololol.

My SIL smsed me with "I don't understand your passion for guys who look like a hot guys dorky brother" haha that is the best description of my taste in men ever.
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So I jinxed myself by thinking everything was going so well. I got really sick, and might have an infection in my uterus. Going to the doctors today to get my millions of test results back.

Also fallen into reading lots of Q/007 fic. I don't even think Daniel Craig is particularly attractive, but the pairing works for me. I think my love for Q makes up for it. But damn movie fandoms there's just not enough canon! I don't know how you people do it. In all fairness, most movie fandoms have other source material like comics or books, but I don't know how fandoms like the inception one sustains itself.
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You guys, I'm almost dizzy with contentment. Toby is such an easy baby compared to the terror that was Liam. I'm grinning all day. I'm grinning when I'm folding the laundry because I have four stacks of clothes now.

I popped Toby into his bassinet last night not quite asleep, and kissed his nose and he drifted off. I said good night to Liam and gave him his kiss and he went to sleep in his own bed. Then I snuggled on the couch with Adam and watched Elementary and had a hot chocolate and life was so good I wanted it to be like that foreeeeeeeeeever.

Now if only I didn't have to wait another 5 weeks to get the go ahead to have sex haha :D

But seriously you guys looooook:

I hardly ever post happy LJ posts, so it's nice to do one for a change!
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Sorry if I haven't been commenting or even added people back yet. Things are a little hectic as you can imagine.

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I'm 39 weeks pregnant and i sprained my ankle. :(
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Went to dinner with [livejournal.com profile] silverthoughts and [livejournal.com profile] claypot last night! It was awesome and there were photos, but alas not on my camera.

We were lol-ing a bit at how we all still checked our LJ friends list every single day even though phones made commenting more work, and it was a bit sad that no one was around anymore. Especially those that aren't also on Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr/Wherever. So look! This is me, updating!

I had some tiramisu, which was *delicious*, but it turns out that even the coffee in that makes me all headachey and nauseous so I spent the night feeling really terrible. I have no idea how so little coffee can make me so sick. I feel all dehydrated even though I've had copious amounts of water since then. It can't be the caffeine because I can down *a lot* of Coke if I want to and still feel great. It sucks because I *love* coffee and we make very good coffee here in Melbourne.

We're heading up to Sydney for [livejournal.com profile] beadpixie's wedding tomorrow, so I got my eyebrows and nails did. I will definitely take photos of that to show anyone who still remembers her.

Oh and eta: for other similar news, [livejournal.com profile] o_chan is getting married next year and I get to be bridesmaid! Everyone should come back to LJ dammit.
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I swear, being a mother is all about having complete control over your child and their presence with you 100% while they are in the womb, then slowly letting go, bit by bit until they leave you.

It sucks.

bad stuff

Aug. 8th, 2012 09:45 am
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I've been really lonely lately. It all came to a head on Sunday when Adam woke up to a sunny day and decided that it was a good day to go to the football. I burst into tears because I couldn't go because Liam needed to stay home and nap and he was a bit under the weather.

All of my friends have moved away, or are moving away, or have moved to the other side of the city with no car and I see them twice a year if that. I don't really have online friends anymore - just online acquaintances.

I've said it before, but I need new friends and it's a lot harder than I thought to make some. I love the women in my mother's group, but they're not *my* people. I went to see Magic Mike with Adam's ex gf and her friends (yeah, we're friends, it's weird but it works) but again, while lovely people, not my people.

Adam wanted to throw me a party for my 30th but I didn't have anyone to invite :(

I don't know how else to go about making new friends. Do I have to start new hobbies? Because I don't really want to/have the money to.



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